Swim Across the Sound 2011

October 15, 2011


On Saturday August 6, 2011, the 24th annual SWIM Across the Sound was held on Long Island Sound. The SWIM, sponsored by the St. Vincent’s Hospital Foundation, is one of the largest open water swim marathons on the East Coast.

This year 12 boats from East End Yacht Club participated, earning us a recognition award plaque from the SWIM Foundation for 2nd highest boat total. The previous year, 2010, East End also registered 12 boats, a solid showing. Our Club has been a strong supporter of the SWIM since its inception many years ago. Two of our members, Bob Scinto and Wayne Hudson have been involved for more then 20 years with the SWIM.

Volunteer Boat Captains and their crews are an integral part of the SWIM. Their boats provide support and protection for the swimmers and they are a tremendous motivational factor during the entire marathon.

Year 2011 EEYC Captains are Eugene Boone, Ron Criscione, Gib Colesworthy, Gabriel Criscuolo, Bruce Gordon, Paul Green, Joe Greene, Tom Hill, Tim McGill, Robert Scinto (son), Pete Sorrentino, and Bill Szturma. In addition, Bob Scinto, Bpt. Harbormaster, coordinated the Law Enforcement boats during the Marathon.

The SWIM is the main event of many events that are part of the Foundation’s year long fund raising efforts to support cancer patients and their families. All proceeds from the SWIM go towards helping individuals who are dealing with cancer.

The swimmers raise donations as part of their marathon entry. Approximately 280 solo, two person, and relay team swimmers participated this year. The general public also supports the SWIM with donations and supporting efforts.

Thank you East End Captains and crew for a great effort during the SWIM!