Power Washing using the Waste Water Collection System

Procedure to Use Waste Water Collection System 

As of January 1, 2011, it is against CT EPA regulations to wash boat bottoms without collecting the waste water and having it properly disposed of (Penalty if caught is $35,000).

The EEYC has complied and installed the system next to the garage in the parking lot.

Before you start

  1. Ask the bartender to record the length of your boat into the log book
  2. Pay the bartender $1.oo per foot cash; If non-member, rate is $2.00 per foot cash
  3. Bartender will enter payment into the proper computer file
  4. Bartender will hand over a key for the water faucet

At the Wash Pad 

  1. Using the key, unlock the faucet to access the water for your power washer
  2. Lift the LEFT side of the drain grill and twist off the plastic plug to temporarily remove and save
  3. Wash the boat bottom allowing the waste water to drain into the tanks
  4. When finished, replace the plastic plug back into the drain grill
  5. Lock the faucet
  6. Return the key back to the bartender