From the Fleet Captain

Launch Rules

All slip holders must perform the following before placing their boats in their slips:

1.    Fill out and submit a Launch Card 

2.    Submit current insurance documents & registration

3.    Have all dues paid in-full before launching

Any slip holders found out of compliance will be fined by the BOG OF EEYC

Can’t make it to the club to drop off your paperwork? No problem, send a copy to EEYCDOCS@GMAIL.COM.

EEYC Rules for Dry Winter Storage (2021)

 1.    Plywood must be placed under the base of each Jack stand to prevent them from sinking in the mud, sand or Asphalt

2.    Jack stands should be perpendicular to the hull to direct the weight toward the ground.  Misalignment of the stand can force the stand out as the load is applied

3.    Keels must be supported by wide thick timbers (minimum of 6 inches square) to distribute the load.  No cinder blocks are allowed as they are prone to break.

4.    Jack stands should be placed as far out as possible to support the boat in high winds with three stands per side for boats over 26 feet.  Jack stand pairs must be chained together.

5.    No winter covers are to be tied to the jack stand.

6.    All boat less than 24 feet are to be stored in the North Yard unless approved by the Fleet Captain (Bill Chicos cell:203-583-6988)

7.    All boats must be identified either by name or member number on the shrink wrap or other cover.  Failure to do so will result in a $25 fine cutting the shrink wrap

8.    Trailers should be backed in as close as possible to the neighboring boat to allow for more boats

 Tips for storage

 1.    Scuppers and drains are to be left open to channel water out of the boat, preventing ice damage.  The boat should be placed as close to level as possible.

2.    After blocking, sight along the hull and keel to make sure the jack stands are not depressing the hull.  Check again in 2 weeks after boat has settled.  Check periodically throughout the season.

3.    All Trailers must have the owners names clearly posted on them.

Thank You

Frank Melchionno
203 258 3654