Our Board and Bridge

2017 – 2018 Bridge Officers

Commodore: Tony Capodicci

Vice Commodore:  Larry Allain
Rear Commodore:  Mike Witalis

Recording Secretary:  John Szalan

Financial Secretary:  Johnny Wright

Treasurer:  Al Passerelle 

2017 – 2018 Board of Governors (BOG)

Chairman:  Andy Choma

Member Services:  George Liscinsky

Outside Maintenance: Pete Sena

Inside Maintenance: Sean Rossi 

Dock Maintenance: Kevin Haley

Slips:  Walter Jchick

Bar: Jim Migliore

Galley: Mark Bourque

2017 – 2018 Appointed Officers

Master at Arms:  Scott Westlund

 Liaison Officer:  Tony Bigica

Fleet Captain:  Frank Melchionno

Chaplain:  Guy Simpson

Website:  Bob Bajoros