Insurance and Registration

It is the member’s responsibility to provide the following, as noted in the EEYC “Slips, Floats, Mooring and Dock Rules”.

 If your boat in on the EEYC property/Marina, the EEYC requires a current copy of your insurance “Declaration Page” that includes both the insurance coverage dates AND a minimum of $300,000 liability (Page 32 #10).

“A member must fill out a Club-supplied Launching Form BEFORE he launches for the season” (Page 32 #11). These forms are available at the bar.

If your boat is in the water, the EEYC needs a current copy of your “Vessel Registration” (Page 32 #10). Please ensure the current registration stickers are attached to your boat.

 Each of the above is subject to a fine if not in compliance.

 Your Insurance “Declaration Page”, Registration and/or Launch Card could either be placed in the Insurance/Registration/Launch Card box in the bar, mailed to the EEYC, attention BOG, OR scanned and emailed to:

 There is an Insurance, Registration and Launch Card list posted to the right of the box in the bar for you to verify that your documents were received and recorded.

If there is not a “Y” in the applicable column, please re-submit.

Thank You

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